Welcome to the website of Gymnázium Jakuba Škody in Přerov, a state grammar school which, during its more than 140-year history, has won a reputation as a leading educational institution and is currently one of the top secondary schools not only in Olomouc Region. The most important thing about our school is the amount of time that students spend with their teachers who want to give them as much as possible.

What interesting can the third oldest Czech grammar school in Moravia offer its students?

  • continuous quality education at a prestigious school, high success rate for entry to universities
  • very good results in school Olympiads and competitions
  • specialized classrooms with closed television circuits, a library, clubroom and two computer laboratories
  • new gym opened in 2000
  • study stays in England, where our students can improve their English
  • trips abroad, sports courses at the seaside or adventure rafting
  • ski courses and regular school trips
  • familiarization camps for new enrolled students together with their class teachers and practitioners from older students

Offered courses

Field of study: gymnázium

  • 4-year study by ŠVP (KKOV): 79-41-K/41 (first, second, third and fourth year)
  • 8-year study by ŠVP (KKOV): 79-41-K/81 (prima, sekunda, tercie, kvarta, kvinta, sexta, septima, oktáva)

Eight-year study

The eight-year study is aimed at talented pupils finishing the 5th class of the primary school, who wish to further develop their skills in a team like themselves. The advantage of the eight-year study is the systematic preparation for university studies since the sixth year of the primary school.

Four-year study

Four-year course is ideal for pupils finishing the 9th class of the primary school, who plan to study at university. It is also a good choice for students who have not decided what they want to do in life, and are looking for a school that will give them complete general education without limiting them in their choice later.

Cultural events and scholarships for talented students. Two of the activities that are covered by the Endowment Fund of Gymnázium Jakuba Škody.
Modern technologies

Almost sixty computers in science classrooms , teachers' computers in most classrooms and laboratories, and all computers in the teachers cabinets are interconnected by high-speed computer network built primarily on Microsoft technologies. All computers have the Internet connection, of course . The school provides free Internet access to all students working in the local network.

The Internet Service is used by the students not only during the lessons, but also in the afternoon, after classes. TheTerminal Server Technology allows the students access to the school computer network via the Internet from home and work with the same programs as if they were working on school computers.

The whole school information system is continuously upgraded and transferred to a new, faster and safer technology.

If you are interested in more information , you are welcome at any time at our school.